Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Summer Fireworks*

My family went to the South Ogden days fireworks. We love going to those. We went to the Sammy Kershaw concert before. It was actually pretty good. I love hanging out with my family!
I love this kid. HE loves to pull funny faces for the camera

This is my older sis Mandy and my dad enjoying the firework pre-show.

My nephew Kyler look at those eyes. He loves fireworks.

Here is me and me momma. I love you girl. Thanks for everything you do.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A big group us us went to Cabo last November. It was a while ago but since i'm just getting to blogging i'm finding all these pictures i have to post. We had such a blast. We stayed at my parents time share and were there for 8 days. It was hard to come home : )
Here are my 2 favorite buddies, My brother Kyle and my nephew Kyler.
They have such pretty flowers there.
This is me and Derek getting a picture just as the sun was setting. OHH how romantic!

This is the beautiful time share we stayed in! I want go go again

We did lots of fun things one of them was we went deep sea fishing and caught us a marlin! He was so huge. This is my bother in law helping pull it in.

Its pretty bloody but still awesome! The fisherman who took us out got to take the fish home to his family for dinner.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SaD SaD StoRy!

This is our buddy Zeke! Derek and i made a decison (a very hard one that we need to find him a new home. He is a lot to handle and is very dog aggressive and didn't want something to happen. So we made a few calls and found someone that was willing to pick him up for us. We weren't sure where he was going and to be honest with ya we didn't really want to know. I got him all ready and gave him a bath to go to his new place the next morning and while he was drying i went to the store to get some pictures of him developed... he escaped from his kennel and did this to my house. I think it was gods way of telling me i was making the right decision!

This is our female Laila with dereks little sister! She always had to be cuddleing with someone. She is the sweetest little thing! I left friday morning put zeke in his kennel to be picked up and left laila in the back yard. Well the person that came to get zeke Got a little confused and took the Wrong dog!!! We found out later that day that he had who he thought was Zeke put down! So our sweety was gone.... Then to make matters worse we knew we still had to do something with Zeke so we made the very hard decision to have him put down as well. We lost both dogs in a day. They were wonderful and we loved them very much! It was a very hard thing to go through but at least they are together they were best buddies!