Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A big group us us went to Cabo last November. It was a while ago but since i'm just getting to blogging i'm finding all these pictures i have to post. We had such a blast. We stayed at my parents time share and were there for 8 days. It was hard to come home : )
Here are my 2 favorite buddies, My brother Kyle and my nephew Kyler.
They have such pretty flowers there.
This is me and Derek getting a picture just as the sun was setting. OHH how romantic!

This is the beautiful time share we stayed in! I want go go again

We did lots of fun things one of them was we went deep sea fishing and caught us a marlin! He was so huge. This is my bother in law helping pull it in.

Its pretty bloody but still awesome! The fisherman who took us out got to take the fish home to his family for dinner.

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Josh and Nikki said...

Look how much fun... some fun pictures! I am so glad your getting into the blogging! :)