Thursday, July 31, 2008

*Summer Fireworks*

My family went to the South Ogden days fireworks. We love going to those. We went to the Sammy Kershaw concert before. It was actually pretty good. I love hanging out with my family!
I love this kid. HE loves to pull funny faces for the camera

This is my older sis Mandy and my dad enjoying the firework pre-show.

My nephew Kyler look at those eyes. He loves fireworks.

Here is me and me momma. I love you girl. Thanks for everything you do.


Jake and Heidi said...

Your blog is very cute.. I love your pictures from Cabo.. makes me want to go back there so bad.. GOod times!

Ticey said...

Karissa I'm glad you are blogging - it is so fun :) Now I can keep in touch with you better!! I will come in and see you guys soon!!

Josh and Nikki said...

Karissa your pictures are so cute. I love that your blogging now!

LHWOOD said...

Hey! It's so fun to see pics of your family I don't see you guys as much as I used to back it the old Schmarcia days :) I love your blog I'm glad you've taken it seriously :)